Artists' Television Access


Friday, August 26, 2011, 8:00 pm, $6

Everyone experiences the world differently. Sights, sounds, and feelings are processed by theconscious mind and are then followed by internal thoughts and reactions.

The quality of these conscious experiences and how the brain processes them is a phenomenonthat remains one of the greatest mysteries in science.

“Dimensions brings together local and international artists to share their visions ofconsciousness and the subjective experience. Through their ethereal, expressive pieces I hope toguide the viewers through an alternate reality that exists in us all. “
-Cassandra Sechler, curator

Featuring Artists:

Akinori Okada
Alfred Hernandez
Cassandra Sechler
Chris King
Daniel Mancina
Catharsis for Cathedral
Ginnetta Correli
Subliminal Twin
H.D. Lange
John Espey
Kristine Eudey
Jasper Van Es
Nils Hoover
Lira Kay
Maria Niro
M. Woods
Nuno OC Madeira
Sarah Castle
Taylor Fitzgerald
There will be a special musical performance by Catharsis for Cathedral and an installation piece by John Espey not to be missed!

Free beverages & souvenirs