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Fujiyama in Red: Japanese Tsunami Relief w/ Felt Drawing + Dominique Leone + Great Willow

Saturday, June 4, 2011, 8:30 pm, Doors open at 8, Admission is $7-10

Presented by Other Cinema

OTHER CINEMA‘s Spring ’11 screening calendar is in fact extended into June with the extraordinary addition of a special program that responds to world crises during the term of our on-going series… Fujiyama in Red (after the1990 Kurosawa movie that foresaw the catastrophe) is a live A/V show that we’re staging to raise funds for Japanese Tsunami Relief. Four multi-media acts perform live: Dominque Leone, Felt Drawings (Dominic Tiberio), Great Willow (Erik Wilson & Jonathan Wong), and Omori (Cyrus Tabar). PLUS a Special Appearance by Patrick Macias, senior editor of the national magazine “Otaku USA“, who presents a short piece. Live-mixing ambient visuals are the digital magicians Goldwave (Cyrus Tabar, Shemoel Recalde, and Ian Colon), and Craig Baldwin, who hand-mashes rare 16mm archival footage of Japan with graphic industrials on the physics of earthquakes and atoms in his on-going performance Troping Catastrophe. OC’s famous “high-art-bar” will be in place to frame a salon seating arrangement for this ‘electronic cabaret‘ show. Food and drink, including sushi, sake, and home-made Lone Mountain micro-brew, are on hand as part of this high-energy fund-raising event. Doors open at 8; showtime is 8:30. Admission is $7-10.