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Due to a hard drive , this screening has been postponed to the fall, sorry.

MUTATED: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ripoffs and the Direct Market

The origin, future and influence of the _TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES_ and their effects on all forms of entertainment media, including the comic book industry, television, toys, film, and mass-culture.
This installment of the Free Form Film Series brings you an educational and absurd collection of cultural mutations. More than just a presentation about one cartoon fad, BC Sterrett’s lecture/video presentation stands as an assessment of commercial (and oddly, often legal) forms of re-appropriation.  A presentation that, in our age of the hollywood remake, couldn’t be more relevant, and insightful, but also couldn’t be much funnier!
Video footage and lecture by media archeologist/cartoonist BC Sterrett
of The Lost Media Archive (UT).

The Lost Media Archive is a Utah-based collection of mondo/ kitsch/ cult/ ephemeral/ experimental/ historical/obsolete/ forgotten/ unearthed audio-visual and textual documents. The LMA is also a resource for those who cling to
bygone media formats. The LMA was founded by Blair Sterrett an

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