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Friday, April 8, 2011, 8:00 pm, $6

A new short by Elia Vargas,

Woven is textures of reality balanced in psychosis. It is a narrative driven as much by sound as by image that explores our relationship to the world through our perceptions. Those five wonderful sensory tools that extend our percepts. Woven observes Valentine as she undergoes an animalistic transformation in the pursuit of perfection- through song. Her musical journey is fragmented as her own sense of reality blends further into the world she has created for herself. Does she succeed?

Woven is the consequence of many miraculous moments and artists.

Featuring the Music of Honeycomb

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on elia:

There is a breadth and unique sense of engagement in the video documentation style of Elia Vargas that extends beyond the traditional framework of a documentary.  His subject matter broadly encompasses local and international events, interviews, and personal narrative, while his visual and audio techniques give the viewer a layered sense of presence and engagement.  Elia speaks of being driven by both a compelling desire to document, and an inherent belief in story telling.  While one could be said to compromise the integrity of the other, there is a clear fusion of the two in his work, revealing a consistent and focused interest in individuals and in capturing individual moments.

When Elia talks about documenting, he speaks about “experimental documentation,” about “documenting while going off a feeling” in order to convey “the uniqueness of a moment.” When considering the range of subjects Elia explores, you begin to see not just an interest in the culture and story of people, but the culture and story of sound, and how these elements connect.

-Nif Hodgson