Artists' Television Access

Amy Ho: Bridge

January 26, 2011 - February 22, 2011

Opening reception Tuesday, February 1st, 7-10pm

Bridge abstracts the everyday experience of driving.  In this work, a video of driving across a bridge is projected on ten layers of scrim.  With each layer of scrim we see a larger and larger image, thus showing us the space in which video projection exists.  The exaggerated perspective of the bridge’s architecture pulls the viewer into the motion of driving.  The mesmerizing quality of the passing architecture mimics the robotic, drone-like attitude we adopt when we drive.  We are so used to the act of driving that our bodies pilot automatically while our minds wander into thought.

Amy M. Ho is an installation artist whose work deals with the physicality of experience and the meditative nature of the passage of time.  Space represents the most immediate medium through which we experience the world, yet we often overlook our bodies’ sensitivity to space and motion.  One’s personal and intimate experience of Amy’s work brings attention to the duality of our existence as physical and psychological beings.  She is currently enrolled in the MFA Studio Art program at Mills College.  Amy received her undergrad degree in Art Practice from UC Berkeley.  In addition to her studio practice, Amy constructs costumes and other wearable sculpture in her spare time. For more information, please visit: