Artists' Television Access

With One Voice

Sunday, January 16, 2011, 6:00 pm

This screening is in conjunction with two weekends of events taking place in the ATA window by the San Francisco Buddhist Center.

Only in recent times has it been possible to make the world’s vast spiritual teachings available to a global audience, and to create a dialogue between its most revered teachers. Now, for the first time, they appear together in one film; their comments woven together in a provocative tapestry of wisdom and promise. Call it The Absolute, God, Divine Reality, or any of the other identifiers human language has attached to it, mystics speak of one unifying thread that links and transcends all peoples and all religions.

Created by Buddhist teacher Matthew Flickstein, this 78-minute documentary features awakened teachers address profound questions about life and love, the existence of God, the path to spiritual awakening and the way to true peace in the world. Through their words and compelling presence, they ask us to look within our own hearts and listen deeply, so we too can join the conversation and speak With One Voice.

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