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Echo Tours (Translate: Readings):

Sunday, November 21, 2010, 4:00 pm

 Right Window is pleased to present a series of readings near the exhibition, Posing As An Echo Tourist.

Through e-mail correspondence with the artist, Gordon explained that he approached the participants for this event only after he could not secure participation from the people he actually wanted to work with. This sentiment is echoed by the very nature of the event, incorrectly framed by the nearby event, as the readings (most likely) will not relate to one another.  

 Upon insisting upon clarification of this non-idea, Gordon, (passively/aggressively) responding via e-mail with the following statement.

 “The Echo Tour(s) are constructed in a similar manner to the work in the nearby exhibition, Posing As An Echo Tourist. The readings are meant to function as departure points from an exhibition that traffics heavily in associative possibilities. The degree to which these readings will form a gestalt experience, will, to a large degree, vary to the ears that they fall upon.”

 The participants are: Post Brothers

                                      Patrick Gillespie

                                      Jeff Von Ward

                                      Matthew Gordon