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Sunday, November 14, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6

Curated by Gonzalo de Pedro and Garbiñe Ortega.

ATA presents some of the most the revulsive, eccentric, irreverent, acid dishes of the contemporary Spanish avant-garde cinema. Andrés Duque, María Cañas, David Domingo, Virgina García del Pino and the audiovisual collective Los Hijos are the chefs for this atypical dinner.

UN MINUTO ANTES DE LA INVASIÓN DE GROENLANDIA (A minute before the invasion of Greenland). Los Hijos. 1 min.
From the Playground of the audiovisual collective Los Hijos (The Sons) formed by Javier Fernández Vázquez, Luis Lopez Carrasco and Natalia Marin Sancho, a one- minute fried experiment.

NO ES LA IMAGEN ES EL OBJETO (It’s not the image, it’s the object). Andrés Duque. 2008. 12 mins.
“How many hours could you spend watching this card?”, Pedro P. tells José Sirgado on the film ARREBATO (Rapture, Ivan Zulueta). I keep also my favorite album from my childhood. It’s called “Man, Races and Customs”. Every page reveals me new interpretations, sometimes they are imprecise and weird about who we are and what the world is. – Andrés Duque.

LO QUE TÚ DICES QUE SOY (What you say I am). Virginia García del Pino. 2007. 28 min.
Profession or the lack of it as a role to play. The uniform as a costume. The workplace as a set. And in the audience, the society, hoping that the actors will adjust to the script. –

EL PERFECTO CERDO (The Perfect Pig). María Cañas. 16 mins.
The perfect pig: fat, substance, steroids, complete use of it. This piece, constructed as a fable, introduces us into the creation process of derivative work and recycling culture, and searches for the hidden truth of images. –

DESAYUNOS Y MERIENDAS (Breakfast and Afternoon Snacks). David Domingo. 2002. 7 mins.
The starting pistol of this outlandish visual fantasy is marked by the moment when two youths, sitting on a bed, are about to watch a film and insert a tape in their VHS. This is where the first link in a chain of stories within stories, a technique often used in David’s work, who frequently draws circles of permeable meanings. –

TOTAL: 64 min.

The film series, New Landscape for the New World, starts with a program at the Pacific Film Archive on Wednesday, November 10 (for futher information visit: and at San Francisco Cinematheque on Wednesday, November 17, at the Victoria Theater (for further information visit:

We are grateful for the support of Dirección General de Política e Industrias Culturales of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the Consulate of Spain in San Francisco.