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Because We’re Human: 10 years of D.I .Y. Collaboration

Thursday, November 11, 2010, 8:00 pm, $5

“Don’t wait for leaders” said Mother Theresa, “Do it alone, person to person”. That’s hardcore. Mike Watt (of the Minutemen) calls it “jamming econo”. Well, nowadays that’s just about all there is … and right on if you can get that together. For 10 years, Mike Missiaen (filmmaker, VJ, ATA board member) and Lee Bob Watson (writer, musician, music producer) have been engaged in DIY collaborations on the margins of the music and art worlds. Armed with medium grade technology and abetted by able assistants – most notably Mitch Slater (aka “the Machine”) – Mike and Lee have managed to turn out an eclectic mix of short films and music videos. They dream big, go small and slowly but surely they get shit done. As Lee Bob explains, “We’ve built a miniature media empire that exists in shoe boxes and suitcases spray painted gold.” Why do they do it? Because they can.
The show will include video screenings and live music, highlighting the best products of 10 years of collaborative work, featuring the debut of the latest collaboration: a music video for the song “I ‘m a M an” from the forthcoming album TRAVEL : WORLD CR* T VOL 1 and live performances of various artists that performed on the album.