Artists' Television Access

Interviews with ATA Festival Filmmakers

Liz Wing of ATA talked recently to the festival filmmakers about their work. You can read the interviews before or after you see it at the festival!

Paul Clipson – Union

Sam Barnett – Reduction
Bill Brown -Chicago Corner
Patricia McInroy – Found: Nothing Missing
Vera Brunner-Sung – Untitled (Perlman Pl.)
Karl Lind – Disconnected
John Palmer – Who’s Afraid
Maite Abella – Oh, How Sad (O Quam Tristis)
Kathleen Quillian – Wasteland
Lev Kalman & Whitney Horn – Fun’s Over
Sylvia Schedelbauer – way fare
Jeff Guay – Principia
Zachary Epcar – A Time Shared Unlimited
Bryan Boyce – 2005 Census
Jesse McLean – Somewhere Only We Know