Artists' Television Access

Top of the Food Chain

Friday, June 18, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6

ATA is screening for one night only the hilarious ” Top of The Food Chain” By John Paizs. If you came out for “Crime Wave”  last month  this  story of cannibals from outer space will not  disappoint you, clearly something odd is  mysteriously going on in the tiny town of Exceptional Vista. And the result? Definitely spectacular though probably as much an aquired taste as the late night B-Movies that inspired it.

Once given abit of time to get rolling however, Top of the Food Chain’s full impact sneaks up on you. By the end, the amateur autopsies, blithely offhand resurrections and Scott’s he/she rubber friend- as well as a nutty aria about our lady of Fatima’s hat that Exceptional visita resident sexpot sings instead of saying grace over dinner – will either have alienated you completely or enticed you wholeheartedly into a world far beyong the boundaries of everyday imagination. Those are just a few of the terrifically ironic surprises that await you when you come to ATA to see Top of the Food chain.

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