Artists' Television Access

CCSF Student Film Showcase

Friday, May 28, 2010, 8:00 pm, $4

Join CCSF Department of Cinema’s Motion Picture Directing class for a screening of the Spring 2010 final film projects.  The showcase features a variety of narrative scenes starring Bay Area actors.

Directing Students:

Annika Wood, Vince Morel B. Vilan, Kindred Parker, Jekyns Pelaez, Tene Doumbia, Beau Takahara, Andrew Calloway, Jaason Bow, Kevin Malfatti, Taher Medhat, Andreas Blair, Niko Volonakis, David Wehr, Marcus Winn, Ibukun Hambow, Alex Vargas, Simona Deac, Dorsakum Srichoo, Larry Yung

$4.00 tickets, Music, cheap drinks, tons of fun.