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Anxiety and Apple Seeds—

Friday, April 30, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6

Hosted by Bay Area comedian Mary Van Note

The debut San Francisco screening of director Claude Cardenas’ new film titled “B.” starring Mary Van Note. Live performances by Foxtails Brigade and others TBA.

In this Fantasy, Horror, Two girls, bored by everyday life seek an escape through colorful daydreams. Until one day when one of them swallows an apple seed, which sends them on a journey to find someone who can remove it before it grows into a baby tree inside her belly, eventually killing her. Director: Claude Cardenas, Screenwriter: Jessica Sinema, Producer: Brian Melesky, Studio: No Dice Films
Starring: Paisley Fried, Janet Sanchez, Mary Van Note, Lynnae Yvette, Sharona Ovrahim, Kristen Takako, Steve Eddy, and Krystle Ann Poovey