Artists' Television Access


Friday, April 23, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6

ARTISTS’ TELEVISION ACCESS is proud to present for one night only Winnipeg Boy Wonder John Paizs’s 1986  8o min Low-Budget Feature length Canadian Comedy Classic “CRIME WAVE” . Considered  as one of the most influential Indepedent Canadian Comedies of all time. The film is an homage to late 1940s-early 1950s “color crime pictures”. Paizs plays Steven Penny, a struggling screenwriter who lives above the garage of a suburban family, and begins typing each night from the moment the street lamp comes on. Everything we learn about the character comes from Kim (Eva Kovacs), the family’s daughter, who has a schoolgirl crush on him, as Penny never utters a word in the entire film. John Paizs later went on to direct the highly original smash television hit “KIDS IN THE HALL” Steven Penny wants to write the greatest “color crime movie ever made.(a “color crime movie” is a movie in color about a crime.)This  must see self referential Canadian movie  about a crime writer with  writers block is a true must see for  Aspiring Filmmakers and or anyone who ever wanted to make it to the top.

” CRIME WAVE”    breakdown
Terrible Twists, Color Crime Quarterly, an Evil Elvis, Self Mutilation, The Jaws of Life,Car Counting, A Dynamite-Wearing Party Crasher, Crime Club High Jinks, Possible Pedophilia, Screenwriting By Streetlight,Paralyzing Moments of Self Doubt, Dr. Jolly’s Twisted Pony Ride, Persistence of Vision, The Top Of The World. Over All Rating  9, Come  Out and Enjoy  This  Epic Tale Of  The Crime Wave.

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