Artists' Television Access

Films by Lukas Lukasik

Friday, April 9, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6

Luka Luka aka. Lukas Lukasik is an experimental filmmaker, performer, festivals curator, fashion designer, installation artists, playwright, poet and co-founder of “Mov3m3nt”. His films has been screened in Island, Poland, Russia, Spain, France, Great Britain and all over US. Plays of his has been performed mostly in California and New Mexico. Experiments with hand processing film, unconventional characters, shocking Installations, wild variety of performances and global events brought him grooviness and harmony in Bay Aria where he has been living for 4 years.
The Show

3 of showing films were shot at ATA.
In 6 films Camilla Stenmark (ata volunteer) is a SuperStar.

FILMS, VIDEO, SHADOW Performance, LIGHT SHOW by Lukas Lukasik.
Filmmakers Douglas Katelus and Sam Manera will present a piece each.