Artists' Television Access


Saturday, March 27, 2010, 8:30 pm, $7.77


Consumer-grade media-tech has come into the hands of a younger generation of abstract artists who choose to freely fuse visual and audio expression. Certainly the Bay Area has been a hotbed for the rich cross-fertilization and robust growth of this exciting Live A/V synthesis. ShimomitsuShemoel Recalde and Joshua Roberts–stitch a crazy quilt from both conventional instruments and new electronics, accompanied by their own visual mix. Softserve (Erik Wilson and Mbryo) max out on Jitter to generate their own fractal waterfall of audio-visual Noise. In Omori, resident artist Cyrus Tabar splits his fingers between analog and digital devices, while Shalo the P initiates the proceedings with his performance-arty Bedroom Suite. The four acts are punctuated by pause-worthy commas of other synaesthetic works. And of course: Dream Machine in effect! *$7.77.