Artists' Television Access


Improvisation-based videos by David Finkelstein

Friday, March 19, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6


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Tonight New York artist David Finkelstein will present his video work, dramatic, hallucinatory explorations of the inner landscape, at Artist Television Access. His videos are based on completely improvised dialogues, in which two actors explore their inner visions in a process which Finkelstein compares to a collaborative form of dreaming. These dialogues are then transformed into dynamic, complex, and meticulously crafted compositions of original music, words, and visual images. Works to be screened will include Terrifying Blankness (2008) featuring Cassie Terman, and Reproductive Technology (2008) with Allison Farrow, as well as several shorter videos. Finkelstein has been making theater since 1982, and video since 2000. His work has been screened at  numerous festivals and venues, winning 9 awards.

“The throughline is one of emotions, of moods and energy. These pieces are filled with ideas;  you don’t stop thinking while you’re 
watching, but the intellect doesn’t run the show. If you get inside the feelings of these films, they make sense.
–Lawrence Toppman, The Charlotte Observer

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