Artists' Television Access

Secret to a Happy Ending

Sunday, February 28, 2010, 2:00 pm, $10

Noise Pop Film Festival

Secret to a happy ending This is a film about the redemptive power of rock-and-roll. It’s a film about the American South, where rock was born. It’s about a band, straddling the borders of rock, punk, and country. It’s about making art, making love and making a living. It’s about the Drive-By Truckers. The Secret to a Happy Ending documents the band and their congregation of fans as they explore tales of human weakness and redemption. While DBT songs are often dark, their whiskey-soaked concerts raise joyful hell. With the filmmaker’s unparalleled access, “The Secret to a Happy Ending” documents three critical years of touring and recording – years in which the band struggles to overcome the trauma of divorce and survives a near breakup, as they persist in their search for a happy ending.

In February 2004 independent filmmaker Barr Weissman proposed making the documentary. After several discussions with the band, filming began in January 2005 and wrapped up in October 2007. Following a long twisted road, editing was completed in November 2009. TRT 101 mins, Q&A with director Barr Weissman following the screening.

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