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The Black Rock: The Untold Story of the Black Experience on Alcatraz

Friday, February 12, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6

Dir. Kevin Epps in person

black rock

Dir. Kevin Epps (US 2009, 60m)

The Black Rock aka Black Alcatraz chronicles the role of African-Americans in the history of Alcatraz, the first super-maximum security prison. The film identifies and examines the lives of a few African-American prisoners who were important figures in the history of “The Rock” from the 1930s to the 1960s. Some people believe that all criminals are treated equally, and many are deceived by the notion that all individuals receive equal treatment under the law. The Black Rock aka Black Alcatraz highlights the truth about the perseverance, sufferings, and resilience of African-Americans who experienced Alcatraz during this time of racial prejudice and discrimination. Interviews with historians, archival footage, as well as photographs and re-enactments are used to present an entirely new perspective on the most feared prison of its time. Dir. Kevin Epps (US 2009, 60m)

About the Director:

Kevin Epps documentary “Straight Outta Hunter’s Point” (2002) won both local and national acclaim, establishing Epps as a leader in digital, independent film and new media.  Epps’ other work, Rap Dreams (2006) about the struggles of upcoming rappers, received recognition as well. His most recent works, ranging from topics of gun violence to black fatherhood, can be seen nationwide on Current TV, a network founded by Al Gore. Epps is the founder of Mastamind Productions <> as well as a member of Digital Media Advisory Council, and works with many community organizations including Conscious Youth Media, BAVC, the Hunters Point Youth Park. He is a frequent speaker on many panels and forums on digital filmmaking and new