Artists' Television Access


Friday, January 22, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6


“Dug Out on Berry Street” by Michael Rudnick (2009, 18min)
Shot primarily in the San Francisco Giants dug out and what the space used to be, the old No Nothing Cinema. Starring George Kuchar, Dean Snider and Rock Ross. The film also happens to be dedicated to those same three men. (A PREMIER)

“Dr. Hawaii” by Michael Rudnick and Rock Ross (1976, 45min)
The duos thesis film from SFAI, and outlandish comedy of epic proportions. Shot on massive sets with numerous famous actors. Think Kentucky Fried Movie meets Towering Inferno meets Hot Letherette. Not shown since the 70’s!


“A dramatic work in one act”Opera debut by Lukas Lukas with performance of Sunshine’s in Rain. the winds of tomorrow singing hurayyyyyyyyyy.  Love spreads in a ways that New Decade decides of lows and highs our quiet prey.

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