Artists' Television Access


Sunday, January 17, 2010, 8:00 pm, $6

Visionary cinema from across the globe & Performance by Bay Area-based Safe

DEEP LEAP MICROCINEMA is a Portland-based monthly art event devoted to pairing thematically curated video art, experimental film and new media works from around the globe with specially commissioned performance.

This program focuses on *Sacred Geometries*. Expect mesmerizing shapes, critical engagement with the seductive ideas of Sacred Geometry and slow burn brain melts.

Sacred Geometry is, in its essence, the recognition of the geometric/mathematical order and patterns through which the material world is ordered and constructed. Math is nature, patterns produce order and a sense of the sacred is imbued in everything.

This most seductive of notions–that our insides and the insides of all natural, material things are composed of the same simple shapes, the same enrapturing patterns–is as old as recorded history as is its use by artists as a mode of expressing inter-connectivity and divinity. This program attempts to parse the ways in which these ideas are carried forth into the digital age; how contemporary makers and thinkers treat aesthetic/spiritual philosophies of such global, historical and simple contexts.


Video Program:
Clint Enns <> – *lucifer bearer of light*
Andrew Kurtz, Kawandeep Virdee + Shawn Patrick Higgins<> – *Interview with a Sacred Geometrist*
David Montgomery <> – *Aesthetic Species Model*
Leslie Supnet <> – *un, moon, stars, rain*
Dustin Zemel <> –* 1 + 1 > 2*
Brel Froebe <> – *Mosaic 1*
Jesse Malmed <> – *Chiller and B-Flat*
Andrew de Freitas <> – *Music Video for Lucretius*
Derek Larson <> – *Tootie Yin-Yang*
Jade Ajani  <>– *Are You In It?*
David Smith <> – *What Goes Around?*
Sabine Gruffat <> – *Mountain*
Jen Stark <> –* Streaming Gradient*