Artists' Television Access


Friday, November 20, 2009, 7:30 pm, Galley at 12Pm,screening at 7:30 pm

The potential of light will be explored in a variety of ways at this day-long exhibition and nighttime performances curated by Luis Garcia and Cyrus Tabar. Harnessing the energy of the Sun, ATA goes off the grid by powering the show via solar panel and rechargeable batteries! Enjoy the works of Luca Antonucci, Nick Cope, Luis Garcia, Hailey Loman, Harvey Newman, Kathy Nguyen, Daniel Small and Cyrus Tabar in an open-gallery setting from 12pm-7pm. Then brace yourselves for an evening of optic and sonic mind-melting marvels! Shimomitsu and Softserve’s aural soundscapes push things forward from 7:30pm