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Luminous Triptych:

Angelina Krahn, Karen Johannesen, Rick Bahto

Monday, October 12, 2009, 8:00 pm, $6


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Working from different aesthetic and conceptual backgrounds, the films of these three artists share an ethos of handmade, personal cinema. Angelina Krahn utilizes a wide palette of alternative techniques in her films, perhaps most poignantly in *Stigmata Sampler,* in which she sewed into the surface of the film to cover up and obscure images of her own body. Karen Johannesen’s masterful editing and single-framing techniques serve to embody studies into quantum mechanics, bringing to vision in delicate landscapes a world “teeming with billions of unrealized possibilities”. Rick Bahto’s in-camera edited works use the people and places of his everyday life as the basis of studies in movement, rhythm and duration, creating a tension between pre-determined structures and a freedom of improvisation. Rick Bahto in person.

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