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Fever Night

Thursday, September 10, 2009, 8:00 pm, $6

fever night

Fever Night (or Static Age aka Band of Satanic Outsiders) is an acid-trip, psychotomimetic horror film about three Satanists who are faced with serious repercussions after going into the woods one night and worshipping the Devil. The trouble starts when Terry (Melanie Rose Wilson) is accidentally run over as the three try to get their car out of some mud. This leaves Elliot (Peter Tullio) and Warren (Philip Nolan Marlatt) to traipse through the dark woods towards a bright light hoping to find help…

As their desperation to get out of the forest increases, they come across foreboding signs like dead birds, animal skulls, anthropomorphic foliage…and Satan himself. Will they be able to survive their descent into Hell or are their fates already sealed?

Written and Directed by: Jordan Harris and Andrew Schrader
Produced by: Andrew Schrader, Jordan Harris, and Steven Isaac Getz
Executive Producers: The Haddigans of Georgia and Philip Marlatt
Shot by: Jordan Harris
Cut by: Andrew Schrader and Jordan Harris
On-Location Sound by: Steven Isaac Getz
Post-Soundwork by: Anthony Vanchure
Behind-the-Scenes: Steven Isaac Getz
Original Music and Score by: Jordan Harris

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