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Cooper’s Donuts

Homo A Go Go Film Festival

Friday, August 14, 2009, 1:00 pm

coopers doughnuts

In May 1959, a decade before Stonewall, Los Angeles had its own gay riot. Cooper’s Doughnuts was an all night doughnut shop on Main Street in downtown Los Angeles, nestled between Harold’s and the Waldorf, gay bars dating back to the 1930s. Cooper’s was a late-night hangout for drag queens, butch hustlers, street queens and johns.

Fifty years after it served as a site of gay rebellion against police abuse, COOPER’S DOUGHNUTS exists as a queer collective which aims to showcase, document, archive and embrace queer art, performance, film and action. We hope to share and build resources within the various queer communities of Los Angeles and beyond. Ultimately, we seek to reinvent the worlds we dream possible in memory of our collective histories of resistance.

The program will be inspired and influenced by the story of Coopers Doughnuts. Films TBA
Programmed by Rudy Blu, et. al

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