Artists' Television Access

“The Light in the Background is the Sun”

works by New York based media artist Victoria Bradbury

Friday, June 26, 2009, 8:00 pm, $6

Ocean of Oceans, 2008-11mins 20sec- A figure is burdened by cumbersome limbs as she churns in ocean waves, then moves toward a horizon. Her doppelganger uses the long arms as an asset, sailing through sea and space with ease. Sound design by Lily Wolfe of Parker and Lily and The Low Lows.

Arms, 2007- 1 min. 15 sec- Arms, unicycles, cookware, and electronic toys gently collide.

And This, Of Course, Is the Earth Down Here, 2008- 5min 30sec.- A journey in a canoe bookended by the mechanics of an eclipse and long-armed-spoon-headed boaters beamed onto the surface from the sky.

37 Red Hats, 2008- 8mins 5sec– A 2008 visit to Beijing in which the artist located and tracked down every Pizza Hut location within the city limits

The Hat (Sweetheart), 2007- 4 min. 30 sec- A story of love and control between a woman, a ventriloquist dummy, and a trick hat.

Crossing, 2007- 5min.30sec.-A dual channel video about dangerous waters and a pilgrimage with voice over text from the artist’s
Great(x10)-Grandmother’s Salem witch trial.

They Are Coming, 2008-1 min.30 sec.- A bed bug moves frantically. He anticipates unwanted guests.

Yonghy Bonghy Bo, 2005- 2min. 30sec.- A super 8 film about unrequited love between bumpy-headed Yonghy and Zelda, a married dummy.

Pioneer, 2008- 2mins- A series of short video animations of The Pioneer moving through the American West of today and the open desert of days gone by asking “Where’s my horse/house?”

Raree Show, 2009-15 min. 30 sec.- A Video Mutoscope performed visual narrative about how the Pioneer came to lose her horse and her house. Sound with Joe Houpert and Jean Chrastina

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