Artists' Television Access

SFCC screening

Thursday, June 4, 2009, 8:00 pm, $3

San Francisco City College is glad to present final screening of experimental filmmakers with a bit of narration over here and a bit of sensation over there. Video and Film.


“Film Production Department”, Vince Morel B. Vilan, TRT: 5 min 7 sec 24 frames
This is a short introductory overview celebrating the Cinema Department.

 “The Bay Swimmers”, D. Jesse Damazo, TRT: 3 minutes 36 seconds
San Francisco Bay Swimmers experience both the aesthetic and the physical in this group portrait.

“The Tender Wall”, Paige Bierma, TRT 9 min 30 sec.
A documentary in progress about how the painting of a mural on one dicey corner in the Tenderloin affects the residents. Mural by Mona Caron. Film by Paige Bierma.

“The Run”, Ben Gilbert, 3.17mins 45sec
Pamela finds clarity in her relationship, through a series of violent acts.

“The Man Who Hyper-Expanded his Mind”, Matthew Mckee,TRT: 12 mins  
Greg suffers from a hyper-expanded mind and must listen to Miles Davis-The Birth of the Cool to have it fully blown.

“Choices” Part One, “Blessed Virgin Mary”,  Lukas Lukasik TRT: 12 min
The purpose is to deface dogma which helps us realize the control mechanism in our lives. Choices.

“The Curse of the McGuirks”, kate, 18 min
This film is a documentary that is both humorous and sad.

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