Artists' Television Access


World Premiere Screening!

Sunday, April 26, 2009, 8:00 pm, $6


A trashy little low-budget underground movie, Decoder reflects the zeitgeist of its time. The 1984 of Orwell is imminent, and apocalyptic signs can be seen everywhere. In Decoder, muzak represents indisputable evil, the totalitarian, multinational brainwashing masked under an anonymous, seemingly neutral facade. Or, as the producers so succinctly put it: “Decoder shows that film can be more than two dimensional pictures plus the spoken word. Before the script writers Maeck, Muscha, Schaefer, Trimpop started to shoot in slums and fast-food chain-stores they did quite some research on the phenomenon of muzak: music recorded with special filtering and mixing techniques for stimulating productivity and employee morale as well as the comfort of the consumer, used by big industries, warehouses and department stores, restaurant chains and hospitals. This art product of doctors, musicians and marketing experts is only known as background music, whose subliminal effects no one is usually aware of.” Directed by Muscha, Written and Produced by Klaus Maeck, Muscha, Volker Schafer, Trini Trimpop.


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