Artists' Television Access

Beneath a Passive Surface:

An Evening of Video and Perfomance

Friday, April 17, 2009, 8:00 pm, $6


This program explores the diverse realm of video and the various ways artists employ it as a process of communication, point of reflection, backdrop for action, and vehicle of abstraction.  In “J.M.E. in MySpace: Tropical Feelings”, a Comic video essay about grime music and MySpace, Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn show that “beneath the passive surface of the internet, creative energy flows”.  David Horvitz and Lukas Geronimas try to extend one of Paul McCarthy’s installations to include the outside world.  In A.K. Burns “Electric in the Cosmic Age”, she wrestles fellow Bay Area ex-pat, K8 Hardy in orange spandex with sound by Matt Volla. “In the absence of daylight, we are haunted by ghosts and moths, which pass through walls and create holes in beloved fabrics.”  Deville Cohen’s “The Wall” “explores the possibilities of Paper as a sculptural material, as well as its function as a carrier of a printed image.” Joshua Kit Clayton brings awkwardness and insight together through group exercise. And More!!! Artists in the program include:

A.K. Burns
Catherine Czacki
Joshua Kit Clayton
Deville Cohen
Maggie Foster
David Horvitz and Lukas Geronimas
Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn
Daniel Minnick
Kamau Patton
Marcia Scott
Margaret Tedesco

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