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Red Light District” presents:

"All You Need is Love"

Saturday, February 14, 2009, 4:00 pm, $5-

all you need is love

Lukas Lukasik and Sadie Lune are proud to announce fundraiser for San Francisco’s Sex workers clinic, “St James Infirmary”. St. James Infirmary offers free, confidential, nonjudgmental medical and social services for female, transgender, and male sex workers. They are the first occupational safety and health clinic for sex workers run by and for sex workers!
On the 14th of February, red spirit will take over ATA. As a united attraction, “Slow Dancing” with DJ “Rocket 69”, who is coming specially for the event on his Rocket 69 Space Machine from capital of Red Light District, Amsterdam.

Crazzzzzzzzy Burning Man, “The Blue Buddha Bus presents…The Lost World by Steve Hopkins”. Brand new 40 year old vintage Bio-diesel converted school bus. Steve will park right in front of ATA to exhibit his spectacular photos from around the world directly projected to the side of his bus(this guy really doesn’t mess around). He has been through 48 countries around the world most of which a number of times. If You ask nicely he will open the Door to the hottest Bus ever.

Plus a spectacular performance by “Kaleb Sunshine Sydney” who is the Man of the Revolution 9. His Voice, Lyrics and Guitar skills are just Beyond Good and Evil.

And of course we couldn’t have a great show without the hottest noise Band  this side of Mississippi: “WIGGWAUM”

On top of it all, bunch of performances, light shows, projections, installations and sex workers entertaining outdoors and indoors… It is all just a part of the night of lust… for Life.

It’s the hottest way of spreading love & spending this unforgettable V-Day. All we need is Love” – So, Come and get it!-

It will all happen during the day of Love in the year of Revolution 9,  part of many diverse  performances for ATA’s left window installation. At least 33 local  artists involved in bringing hot light to the hearts of the Missionites.

We will see creations by:
Camilla Stenmark
Andrew Beals McPherso
Ronnie Eldridge
Sam Manera
Douglas Katelus
Lukas Lukasik
Sadie Lune
Kaleb Sunshine Sydney
Steve Hopkins
R.C. Bubblegum
Bailey Greenwood
Jillian Soto

More tba.

Contact: [email protected]

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