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“Activism through Documentary Film”

Saturday, August 30, 2008, 8:00 pm, $6


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Mental-Rev Productions is dedicated to the production of edgy, visceral documentary that challenges American indoctrination and motivates people into action.  Join us as we show a series of short films- followed by an early screening of “Struggle” and the premiere of “Equality”.  All of which are followed by a discussion with those involved in the making of.

“Struggle” is a street level view of the broad conspiracy enacted in 2004 to ensure George W. Bush maintain control of the White House. This time the focus is on how the swing state Ohio was won by fraudulent and criminal activity.  We view the entire 2004 “election” process as an exercise in maintaining Social Control.  By examining this period of history, without the assistance of mainstream media but as grass roots journalists, we not only unmask a conspiracy that shames Water Gate, but also get a feel for the daily pressures the American Social Structure enacts upon its more oppressed citizens and residents.

“Equality” begins as a class project to gauge people’s opinions on the issue of gay marriage. Quickly the film finds itself amidst the efforts of opposing movements to deny or access marriage rights for same sex couples.  May 2008: a monumental supreme court decision in California opened the door for same sex couples to gain legal marriage rights under state law. June 2008: Gay and Lesbian couples arrive at City Hall’s and alters around the country to have their marriages recognized by the state November 2008: an election which includes Proposition 8- an amendment to California’s State Constitution that would explicitly remove the legal recognition of a Gay or Lesbian couple’s marriage is on the ballot.

Video is our tool of choice in the fight for radical social change, Power to the People.
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