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Documentaries from Scandinavia

Friday, March 28, 2008, 8:00 pm, $6

01The Diver Inside Me
Still from The Diver Inside Me (2003) by Phie Ambo

02Kiosk by Hilde Osen
Still from Kiosk (2007) by Hilde Stålskjær Osen

With two Scandinavian documentaries, exploring the first and last part of life, ATA introduces a new series, Global Undergrounds, featuring inspiring works from all over the world.

The Diver inside me (2003) by Phie Ambo 27 min. eng. subs
Sometimes the greatest happiness can make you afraid. A heavy pregnant woman has a nightmare. A pathologist with eight children is scared of dying. A little girl dives around the endless ocean, alone. Meanwhile the director says goodbye to death in order to give new life.

Kiosk (2007) by Hilde Stålskjær Osen 28 min. eng. subs
In the middle of Copenhagen there is a fenced-in institutional area where 600 people live the last part of their lives; The City of the Old. There is a cornershop and a church. Focusing on the kiosk we meet a wide range of people and experience their ups and downs as they routinely drop by to buy cigarettes and enjoy the company of others.

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Curated by Torben Olander

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