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ANSWER Coalition Film Series

Thursday, March 6, 2008, 7:30 pm, $6


When the Bolivian government, backed by Washington, attempted to eradicate coca crops, devastating the livelihood of Indigenous people who cultivate it. In response, the farmers formed a powerful union. Their leader, the Aymara Indian Evo Morales, made an historic bid for the presidency in 2005.

This lively story about geopolitics, people’s movements, Indigenous culture, and one man’s impressive determination, Cocalero closely follows Evo Morales’ election campaign—where he proposes the redistribution of wealth, renationalization of industries and legalization of coca products.

Not surprisingly, Morales’ populist platform elicits attacks from right-wing Bolivian and U.S. corporate media. But despite this demonization campaign, Morales wins by an unprecedented majority. Cocalero offers fresh insight into big political changes afoot in Latin America.  86min., 2007, Spanish w/English subtitles.

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