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Noise Pop Festival

Sunday, March 2, 2008, 2:00 pm, $6

What do designer toys and homemade synthesizers have in common? Whether it’s Saturday morning cartoons, punk rock, science fiction epics or the search to create truly new sounds, these two films explore the realms of inspiration and imagination, where a whole new subculture can be born and anyone can forge the tools to make themselves a rock star.

Nick’s World Of Synthesizers: This film is a portrait of Nick Collier, an eccentric inventor, who plays his homemade synthesizers in the electro/ glam/punk band Pink Grease. Over the years he has invented many extraordinary synthesizers, each having their own specific and original sound. Two of them each took over a year to build and he says ‘that process has sent me close to insanity’. The film draws you into his sometimes bizarre world of synthesizers and provides an insight into a uniquely creative individual. Directed by Eve Wood

Toypunks Volume 1: Toypunks is a documentary series about the intersection of Japanese toys, fashion and punk rock. Volume 1 introduces Hikaru Iwanaga of Bounty Hunter, creator of the first designer toy, as well as other vital players in the Japanese streetwear and international designer toy scenes (including interviews with graphic designer Frank Kozik) , and explores their roots in punk and American pop culture. Via location shooting in Japan and the US, Toypunks explores a profound cross-cultural exchange between American and Japanese pop culture. Directed by Christopher Nelson


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