Artists' Television Access

Vegan Delights from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Saturday, February 23, 2008, 8:00 pm, $6

Vegan Delights

Inspired by her newly completed film, Siloën Daley brings a  program of heartfelt animated and mixed-animated short films made by herself and women who at one time all lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


2007    Olive Prepares: 15 min, 16mm film. live action and drawn animation
A new tenant in the apartment upstairs discovers Olive sawing her wall and invites her to tea for the following day. Olive prepares. Music by Andrew Glencross and Stephin Merritt.

2000    Iets op Filmen (Something on Film): 6 min, 16mm film, in beginner Dutch with English subtitles
Live action and experimental animation. A vision from a bottle of spilt soy milk inspires Janneke to create something on film. Music by Ian McGettigan (Thrush Hermit).

1997    Looking for the Line Between Biding and Wasting Time: 2 min, 16mm, b&w film, drawn animation
An animated account of my time in Amsterdam with a bittersweet longing for the ones left behind.

1997    Images I Can Understand: 4 min, 16mm film, painted animation
A film letter sent from Amsterdam to my sweetheart in Halifax, who happened to be a projectionist.

1996    The Pink! The Pink!: 1 min, 16mm film, painted animation
In the process of dying a jacket pink I accidentally turned my entire house pink!

1996    Summer in Alphabet City: 3 min, super-8. pixelation animation
Katie and I have a tea party in Alphabet City. Played with The Bike of Jonas, by Peter and the Wolf.


2006    For the Love of Sadie by Shelley Wallace: 9 min, live action and experimental animation
Love at first sight and good intentions clash with old customs in her grandmother’s story about her elopement in 1930.

2006    Assembled by Becka Barker: 6 min, 35mm, drawing on film animation
A not-so-average trip to the movies: anxieties and comfort in mass solitude, made without a camera.

2004    There’s a Flower in My Petal by Andrea Dorfman: 4 min, 16mm film. live action and experimental animation
A movie about knitting and bicycling.

2004    Bohemian Town by Helen Hill: 3 min, 16mm experimental animation
A love letter to Halifax with song by Piggy: The Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes.

1998    The Devil Lives in Hollywood by Amy Lockhart: 2 min, 16mm experimental animation
Floating images of ice cream and crippled supermen, narrated with a perfectly confident solitary voice.

1997    Take the Cake by Helen Bredin: 6 min, live action and drawn animation
The story of a person who is afraid to do things. It is not until she realizes that she is going to miss out on a big fat slice of cake that she takes action.

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