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Le Mouvement Quotidien

a pyschogeographical exploration of everyday spatial practice

Friday, November 30, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6-

Le Mouvement

“Psychogeography is about the instinctual exploration of the emotional contours of one’s environment. It aims to discover and create subversive and anti-authoritarian places and journeys that can be used in the development of new, more liberating, kinds of locales. Situationists psychogeographers adopted the practice of the derive as their basic tool.”
-“Alastair Bonnett

This exploration revolves around the performances of specific movements through varied urban spaces as a means of discovery and will feature an audio and visual installation as well as a documentary based on these performances.

Starting from the physical point of view of 19,000 feet above the earth and the theoretical illusion of the panoptic spatial view, the study follows the performative body as it quickly falls into that of the pedestrian. Extending theoretical concepts and tactics introduced by the Situationist International, quotidian spatial practices such as running, skating, jumping, climbing, and paddling function as a means to breakthrough or expand the everyday spatial constraints placed on the movement of our bodies. This conscious effort to further a physical understanding of the spatial environment based on specific theories, ultimately propels the performer towards the center of the highly controlled space of the spectacle. The exploring, discovering, and producing of the performances, video, audio, and text all combine to create Le Mouvement Quotidien a multi-faceted installation and screening, which will be presented for one night.

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