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presented by Club Sandwich

Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

Grey Daturas

GREY DATURAS are from Melbourne, Australia. An epic wash of drone, metal, and improv musics, the trio have released several albums and CDRs, but their first domestic issuance is the Crucial Blast repress of 2004’s “Dead in the Woods”.

“If the Melbourne sunshine puts a smile on most of its native’s faces, this must be compensated for by the scowls of the Grey Daturas, an improvisational three piece intent on wiping all that is bright, clean and decent from the sun kissed land and drowning it in a muddy grave in the gape of the Pacific” – NICK SOUTHGATE, The Wire

MY DISCO is a Melbourne-based math rock trio pummeling crowds since 2003.
This is their second tour of America.

Members of 16 Bitch Pile Up and Child Pornography combine as CHAINGARDEN to give tribute to Seattle’s bastard, out-of-state son Rage Against the Cage. Gutteral a cappella grunge vocals give new meaning to the creed, “the world means nothing.”

MENEGUAR formed as students at SUNY Purchase. They have since taken over Brooklyn as indie rock royalty and enthroned the world with records on Troubleman Unlimited. Members have played in Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, and Woods.



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