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11th Annual Arab Film Festival

Gaza Another Kind of Tears / Galil: A School With No Walls

Sunday, October 28, 2007, 9:00 pm, $10

Gaza Another Kind of Tears
A documentary by AbdelSalam Shehada
Palestine, 2006, 53min
Gaza Another Kind of Tears focuses on the anguish an individual family endures during the occupation, it’s subsequent joy at the liberation of 2005, and the interminable wait for the sweet promise of change.

Followed by

Galil: A School with No Walls
A documentary by Avi Hershkovitz and Sharon Hammou
Israel, 2006, 72min
Galil: A School with No Walls takes us inside the Galil-Jalil school for Jewish and Arab children to show how participants learn tolerance and each others¹ language for the present as well as understanding and mutual acceptance for a brighter future.  A mixed staff of teachers must constantly strive to reconcile their own cultural identities with the premise of this school for cooperation and tolerance.

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