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11th Annual Arab Film Festival

Amman Filmmakers Cooperative Shorts/ Full Moon Night

Sunday, October 28, 2007, 7:00 pm, $10

A Selection of Shorts from the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative and a documentary from Saudia Arabia

Amman Filmmakers Cooperative
The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) is a not-for-profit cultural initiative and talent incubator. The AFC promotes independent Arab filmmaking through training, experimentation, and networking. The AFC project was founded in May 2003 by Hazim Bitar, a filmmaker and communication consultant.

Saleh Kasem, Ammar Quttaineh, Hazim Bitar| 17 min | Fiction)
A blue-collar worker in one of Jordan’s “industrial” zones is caught in a cycle of despair.

Overdose (Ammar Quttaineh | 14 min | Fiction-Comedy)
News reporter Oraib is caught between her desire to report the news uncensored and the external pressures to stop the so-called media incitement

Growing Up
(Hazim Bitar | 9 min | Documentary)
Rich or poor, rain or shine, the children must play, and life is their ultimate caretaker, always working in unexpected ways to ease the children
into the world of grown ups.

Little Feet
(Aseel Mansour | 8 min | Fiction)
A young soccer fan and his dreams of glory and life’s unexpected surprises.

3 Eyes
Rawan Zeine & Hazim Bitar | 5 min | Experimental)
One place, three experiences. The filmmaker explores the psychology of perception.

Order of Out
Ja’far Safwan | 5 min | Fiction-Comedy)
A Man wakes up one day and decides to break his routine.

What a Job
(Mohammad Aboujarad, Omar Saleh, Hazim Bitar | 7 min | Fiction-Comedy)
A group of young men sign up for an interview for a position that promises to be a great career move but there is always the unexpected.

The Last Patch
(Omar Saleh & Rifqi Assaf & Hazim Bitar | 15 min | Fiction-Comedy)
This film is dedicated to computer geeks. The battle between Microsoft and Open Source for market share has reached its climax

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Full Moon Night
A documentary by Mamdouh S. Ba-ajajah
Saudia Arabia, 2007, 31min
A rare documentary featuring the traditions in Hejaz, Saudia Arabia around the festivities of Ramadan, Eid, and other occasions, allowing an unusual glimpse in the every day lives or ordinary Saudis.

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