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At the Margins

11th Annual MadCat Women’s International Film Festival

Friday, September 14, 2007, 7:30 pm



* Tales From the Margins Kavita Joshi
2006 • 24 min • Color • Mini DV • India • US Premiere

Twelve women strip themselves naked on the streets of Manipur in protest. A young woman has been on a fast demanding justice, and is forcibly nose-fed and kept under arrest by the government for more than six years. Why are the women of Manipur, a state in northeastern India, using their bodies both as their last weapon and a battlefield?

* Between Girls Kaja Leijon                                                                                                                                                   2007 • 10 min • Color • Mini DV • Norway • World Premiere

A group of girls are sitting in the dark, their faces lit by the light of the movie screen. What are their hopes and dreams?

* El Otro Lado Anne Wallace
2006 • 13 min • Color • Mini DV • US/Mexico • West Coast Premiere

The eye follows the hypnotic rhythm of a seemingly endless steel wall along the US/Mexico border from the Rio Grande to the deserts of Arizona and California. The voices describe border residents’ creative responses to the problems it poses.

* Niko Lesya Kalynska
2006 • 10 min • Color • Beta SP • Ukraine • West Coast Premiere

A former freedom fighter with the Georgian National Liberation Movement now struggles for daily survival as an illegal immigrant in New York City. Through sculpting and painting, he finds another kind of freedom in the creative process.

* The Days and the Hours Kristine Samuelson and John Haptas
2006 • 8:15 pm • Color • Beta SP • US • Filmmakers in Person

At a church in the middle of San Francisco, homeless people are allowed to sleep in the pews during daily services. Filling row after row, more than a hundred exhausted men and women find relief from filthy sidewalks and dangerous city shelters. Their voices describe their lives before they slipped off the tracks.

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