Artists' Television Access


Mostly in Super 8!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6


Intimate Observations is a collection of moving collages and cinema vérité committed to the confines of small gauge celluloid.  These new experimental works capture candid situations, mundane objects and familiar landscapes but reveal something extraordinary about them.  Local filmmakersinclude B Berzins (“Receding Memories”), Christian Bruno & Natalija Vekic (“7:30PM”), Paul Clipson (“TUOLUMNE”), Daniel Gorrell (“Ships, part 1”), Jim Granato (“Urban Renewal”), Douglas Katelus (“Death of Astro”), Bruce Landick, Brendan Lott & Ron Toole (“Operator Error”), John Reily & Charles Kremenak (“In a Flurry of Wings (Boundaries of an Occluded Sky))”, and Douglas Schultz (“Baird’s Beaked Whale: A Landing”).

The impetus for the Exquisite Corpse Films follows from the original surrealist construct presented by Andre Breton in 1920.  Each film was created using a 3 minute cartridge of Kodachrome super 8 film and was assigned a topic chosen by the group, with (6) 30 second opportunities to describe the subject. The filmmakers edited their contributions ‘in camera’ and the films are presented as they were shot. 

The SF Exquisite Corps S8 group are made up of local artists from a variety of arts backgrounds; painting, photography, sculpture, performance art, and film participated in the making of these films, in many cases with limited film experience.  In a direct sense the films are experiments in a visual narrative and provide alternative ideas about the subject.  In an indirect sense these films capture a moment in San Francisco and the lives of those participating in the films.S.F.

Exquisite Corpse live music accompaniment by Bill Cameron (Winechuggers), Patrick Abernathy & Pat Spurgeon (Rogue Wave).

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