Artists' Television Access


Animation and Experimental Film

Friday, August 24, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

machine tree

Animation and experimental film cut to the heart of things in a way live action often forgets how to do. With abstraction, beauty and emotion can be expressed more simply and more directly than what we’ve come to expect from the standard narrative. In animation, Instead of a million years of inherited facial response, we have the language of dreams. Experimental film uses similar abstraction, boiling down a concept to a series of events. Both allow for the creation of context that helps communicate ideas outside of the mainstream dialog. Machine tree hopes to give light to these potentials within animation and experimental film. Instead of endeavoring to simulate reality more and more accurately, we intend to remind ourselves of the necessity of unreality, the horror of raw perception, the wonder we all share at stories told in their rawest, purest form. The show will run 1 hour and 15 minutes. There will be an intermission and refreshments will be available.

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