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A Poodle, no Horse and 25 Femmes

gender fu*k films from the other side of the ocean

Friday, April 6, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

celebration of love-fu..gender


Passing Suburbia: Beate Rathke, Christine Woditschka;  Neu Lindenberg/Berlin, 2005, 4:20min

The clean and heteronormative suburb of Berlin isn´t safe any more! Unexpected characters appear. Does one´s own home keep its promise of freedom? Christine Woditschka is a Berlin-based video artist, exploring different ways in using a camera. Beate Rathke lives in Berlin and San Francisco, specialized in cowboys.

A Dirndl, a Poodle – a Trauma  (`Pudelskern’): Kerstin Honeit, Emma Cattell, Berlin, Germany 2006, Camera: Kerstin Honeit, Emma Cattell & Angela Helmenstein, 11min

A docu-drama revenge story. Based on footage from the family Super 8 archive (filmed by the director`s uncle in the 70’s), the film deals with a childhood trauma involving the family poodle. An incident that must be repaired with a little aversion therapy and a big showdown …Both the filmmakers live and work in Berlin, producing films and stage design. They don´t like poodles.

Gender Fucking Femmes: Anna Peak, Toronto, 2007; 8 min

25  radical brazen Toronto femmes talk about glitter, sex, politics and queer identity and celebrate a femme banquet in puclic space- who fucks on top? Is the genesis of femininity irrelevant? Why is it that trans women are not as welcome as trans men in the dyke communities? Does lip gloss matter on a pro choice demo? Do europeans shave? Anna Peak, Berlin and Toronto based pervert, video maker, queer femme developing a pink apron fetish, porn star, carpenter, pulp fiction writer.

Haircut: Lior Bar, Jerusalem;  7:40 min

An examination of gender stereotypes by a bald artist.
Lior Bar, technology-oriented artist from Jerusalem, Israel, works mostly in collaboration with personal computers and web servers.

Toss it, Baby: Beate Rathke, San Francisco, 2006; 3:30 min

Inspired by the celebration of american beauty and body cult while the filmmaker resided in San Francisco…

Celebration of Love (`Fest der Liebe´): Rexej Tom Weller, Cologne,  7 min

A critical comment on Leni Riefenstahl´s `Fest der Schönheit`(Celebration of Beauty). The movie questions the devices used to produce the Nazi-propaganda film while poking fun of the projected propagandist values and storytelling of the controversial Nazi-filmmaker. Even though the Riefenstahl film depicts the core values of nationalist propaganda, it is easy to draw parallels between the then aesthetic archetypes and the media and cultural landscape of the 21st century. Rexej Tom Weller lives in Cologne and deals with gender and sports …

Soldier´s bodies (`Soldatenkörper`): Carolin Behrmann, Markus Euskirchen, Stefan Klinker, Henrik Lebuhn, Berlin 2001, found-footage collage, 7 min

Soldatenkörper came out of a collective research project on military rituals in the German military. The found-footage collage specifically deals with the question of individuals being incorporated into the military machine, and the subsequent rendering of a collective body of (state-) violence.

Bandage, socks, facial hair (`A fásli a zokni és a szőr´): Dudás Dorottya (DeDe), Muszter, Horváth Nóra (Noar), Takács Mária (Mari); Budapest, 2006; 35 min

It’s the end of the Jedi age, the Empire rules the Galaxy with an iron fist. The spirit of revolt is not dead yet though. The most daring get bandage, socks and facial hair. A group of female revolutionaries depolarize the male-female order of the Galaxy for a day. They strike back as drag kings.

How can a couple of women turn the world upside down as a ´man for a day`? Four drag kings from Berlin arrive in Budapest to show how to do it. 14 Eastern-European women get bandages, hair and socks to prove to the Budapest streets
that a different world is possible. The filmmakers are part of the Budapest Lesbian Film Commission.


Concert with Kali B aka Mr. TuffNStuff
Drag King-Blues Man from San Francisco

Inspired by early Blues men and women (think “Big Bill” Broonzy, ‘Ma’ Rainey) Kali B’s “Mr TuffNStuff: Drag King/Blues Man” sings original as well as old school blues music and plays slide guitar too!! Guitar slinger, soul singer “Mr TuffNStuff” has got some queer blues for you!!

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