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Science, Skull Punching and Metal Moms:

a new wave of underground films

Friday, January 26, 2007, 8:00 pm, $6

Tina and Frank

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Take a glimpse at the work being produced by America’s newest batch of filmmakers.  Honest and innovative with an underlying sense of humor, these short works were produced apart from the mainstream, dwelling in a realm of their own.


“Metal Mom,” a documentary by Claire Houghtalen, illustrates the relationship between a mother still attached to her local music scene and her seven-year-old daughter.  Will Hilary Duff plunge a wedge between them? 20 min.

“Tina and Frank,” a narrative by Erin Gleeson, tells the story of two friends who vent their frustrations by punching strangers in the face. 13 min.

“Illustrations,” video art by Benjamin O’Brien, creates vivid portraits of loved ones.  8 min.

“And They Drifted,” a documentary by Lauren Cynamon, follows two homeless youth as they hop trains across the country. 20 min.

“Les Serpents Se Baissent,” video art by Benjamin O’Brien and Keith Lea, is both beautiful and hilarious.  Two scientists search for the meaning of life.  Somehow, “Hoop Dreams” and a mysterious man in sunglasses will aid them on their journey.  5 min.

“Running with the Big Dogs,” a narrative by Erin Gleeson.  Brian Harrison, a telemarketer, tries to become part of one of the families on his calling list.  Unfortunately, he’s not very welcome.  10 min.

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