Artists' Television Access

Wonder Show

ATA's annual year-end party

Friday, December 8, 2006, 8:00 pm, $10

Wonder Show Promo

Artists’ Television Access celebrates the cultural fringe in Wonder Show, an alchemical maelstrom of sound and vision. Wonder Show will feature a diabolic spectacle of moving image and sound filling every corner of our premises, with a kaleidoscopic grab bag of punk rock visions from videolusionist Dayv Jones along with electroconvulsive audio by Josh “Kit” Clayton in the main gallery space, and a special sideshow presentation in our petit storefront theatre with performances by Uni and Her Ukelele and Ryan Stively.

Plus phantasmagoric anomalies from Craig Baldwin‘s Other Cinema archives. Baldwin welcomes the adventurous, for a long-term sitting or just a brief visit, into the Inner Sanctum, a hidden lair in the bowels of the gallery space, for an introduction, for both neophyte and fan, to the WONDERS of Japanese Monster-Movie history. Special guest-presenter David Cox conducts a fully-loaded guided tour, from the ’54 “Gojira” to the apocalyptic “Final Wars,” with heavy-metal amplification and cross-dressing geishas attending to otaku’s every sake wish. Don’t miss this surreal, one-night only, subterranean cinematic adventure. You can’t get any more underground than this!

Delicious elixirs and tasty treats provided!

As part of the 2006 fundraiser, we are giving away limited edition gifts with each donation as a way of saying thank you for supporting ATA. T-shirts, DVDs, CDs and print collections are available when you donate through the ATA website. Find out more!

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