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Initials: videos by Matthew Hughes Boyko

November 2, 2006 - November 30, 2006

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With the popularity of video blogging and websites like Youtube, Blogspot and Myspace we are seeing a new aesthetic in video. How does this amateur video affect our visual culture and fine art? Matthew Hughes Boyko has created a collection of work by appropriating Youtube videos and creating original videos inspired by Youtube. This exhibition has several forms:

Window Installation:
In a window display designed by Tae Kitakata, Matthew’s videos will be showing. One video consists of found Youtube footage of men and women creating their first Internet videos. Another video offers strategies and advice for creating personality both on the web and in life. the videos will be for sale during the exhibition length.

An additional series of podcasts will be available for download or viewing from ATA’s website. The podcasts will be motivational videos, helping future video bloggers in creating character and giving them helpful hints and humorous aphorisms.

This Exhibition is part of a series curated by Dana Hemenway exploring the artist’s presence, physical and otherwise, in contemporary video and installation art.

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