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musical guests Vidya

Wednesday, November 8, 2006, 7:30 pm, $6

City Of Photos2
City Of Photos

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A rare Bay Area screening of City of Photos by Nishtha Jain. This exploration of the ethos of neighborhood photo studios in Indian cities reveals entire imaginary worlds in the smallest of spaces. Tiny, shabby studios that appear stuck in time turn out to be places throbbing with energy. As full of surprises as the people who frequent them and the backdrops they enjoy posing against and the props they choose. Yet beneath the fun and games runs an undercurrent of foreboding. Not everyone enjoys being photographed; not every backdrop is beautiful; not all photos are taken on happy occasions. The cities themselves become backdrops, their gritty urban reality a counterpoint to the whimsical photo palaces.
(India/2005/Hindi, Bengali, English with English Subtitles).

About Vidya:

Prasant Radhakrishnan is a versatile saxophonist identified with both the Carnatic (South Indian Classical) and Jazz disciplines. A student of Padmashri Kadri Gopalnath, he has accompanied his guru in concerts in India and elsewhere. Prasant has given numerous solo concerts internationally, including regular concerts at the Chennai December music season in leading sabha organizations. Prasant has accompanied his guru in over 200 concerts within India and in the US, putting him in the company of not only Sri Kadri Gopalnath, but also with several of the most senior accompanying artists in the field of Carnatic music. Not limited by genres, Prasant has also been greatly influenced by the Jazz tradition. As a musical mind trained in two traditions, Prasant recently founded Vidya, a group that is a true combination of Carnatic music and Jazz. Vidya will be the liaison between the Jazz and Indian classical music world, and a vehicle to introduce these traditions to new listeners.

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