Artists' Television Access


featuring Think in French , Sequins and Skeletons

Tuesday, August 15, 2006, 7:30 pm, $5


 Taking their cues from Chicago post-rock and jazz-influenced instrumental groups such as Don Caballero and 33.3, Tenebre accompanies impressive instrumentation with a focus on tasteful, clean tones. On record, their material drifts between sweeping orchestral arrangements and static, arhythmic chords, touching upon the the swelling guitar wash of Dirty Three. Tenebre’s live show, however, is an entirely different beast. Stripped down to their core trio of guitar, drum kit, and upright bass, their songs take on an aggressive, ethereal approach, locking into dizzyingly complex rhythmic punctuations, then at times shattering into disjointed blasts. Instead of relying on distortion, high-tempo rock grooves, or guitar solos, they choose to illuminate more beautiful soundscapes, focusing on the steely buzz of the guitar, warm, booming bass tones, and the saturated hiss of the cymbals to communicate their energy. Guitar neck-tapping, dense rhythmic structures, and complicated synchronizations come off as an afterthought to the fiery, shimmering pulse in the foreground. Both aggressive and subdued, flashy and tasteful, technically stunning and sincere, Tenebre’s take on instrumental rock music creates a unique listening experience, equally impressive and beautiful.


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