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The Connie and Bonnie Show and Friends

Saturday, June 24, 2006, 8:00 pm, $5


Baltimore musicians and art scene instigators Rahne Alexander and Kristen Anchor are the queer/tranny pop duo The Connie and Bonnie Show. (Rahne, voice, guitar; Kristen, drums). Anchor and Alexander perform funny rockabilly influenced pop songs preceded by a short curated video set including their work and other short underground/experimental videos, this tour, Films About Nothing. Spectacular films about un-spectacular events! The videos are abnormal, funny, strange– marginal videos made by people in the margins.

The Videos:Films About Nothing
Spectacular films about un-spectacular events! Connie and Bonnie show presents short punk rock/urban videos about life and nothing at all. The mundane is fun! It is everywhere! It is free! These small little short videos prove that the small little things, “the everyday,” is funny, important, political, and worth some investigation. Connie and Bonnie shorts include santa pez porno, dada poetry, bush love and Bush hate, teenage lesbian vegetarian zombies and the most over-used lines in Hollywood. Alexander and Anchor make videos about pop culture using pop culture appropriated images, found sound, animated objects, and live action playing off film and television tropes. Bryan Robinson’s short 100 Degrees is a short performance, at first glance seems like just mugging for the camera, but on second consideration, is a complicated dissection of city stoop/street culture and the huckster tradition. Mark Stansberry’s teenage ghetto grrrl anti-hero Puddin’ can’t stay outta trouble. Her adventures are funny, and reflect the often omitted voice of the urban kid. Nikc Miller’s Fat Kid Going to the Dentist is a goofy pop song video about a fat kid going to the dentist, a much undiscussed social-political position. Eric Dyer’s Kinetic Sandwich magnifies and dissects the everyday lunch sandwich with rhythm and grace not often attributed to lunch meat worship.

The Connie and Bonnie Show was a featured performance in the 2005 Transmodern Age Festival and is a mainstay of the underground cabaret scene in Baltimore. Connie and Bonnie videos have also screened in festivals around the U.S. Rahne released her first solo record in 2005 and is touring with the Tranny Road Show this spring. Rahne and Kristen produce video art together and also have an all-girl garage rock band called The Degenerettes, currently recording their first album. This Spring, Kristen and Rahne were the emcee’s for Transmodern Age 2006.

Kristen Anchor is a Baltimore media artist and musician. Anchor is Director of the Creative Alliance MovieMakers at the Creative Alliance, a grass roots nonprofit venue in Baltimore, where she develops and produces film/video programs, workshops and screenings. Her films have screened all over the U.S. and are included in several compilation DVDs. Anchor is also a founding member of the Charm City Kitty Club, a group of women who put on quarterly queer cabaret of that name (named Best Queer Event, Balt. City Paper, 2003; 2004 Curve Magazine Lesbian Theatre Award). She’s the drummer for The Degenerettes, Baltimore’s underground garage rock sensation.

Rahne Alexander is a songwriter & comedian from Baltimore. She is a frequent emcee of the Charm City Kitty Club and performs regularly with her garage rock band The Degenerettes. In 2005 she released her debut CD, Blonde on A Bum Trip. Her solo and collaborative performances have appeared across the US with the Tranny Roadshow, Transmodern Age, Baltimore Pride, Gender Crash, and Dark Odyssey. Alexander profiles artists for the Baltimore Gay Life newspaper.

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