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Silver Summer: works from Lasso collective

live performance: 60 watt kid, Core of the CoalMan and Chinatown Bakeries

Friday, June 16, 2006, 8:00 pm, $5

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LASSO is an art collective consisting of six members:  Brendan Nakahara, Dave Singley, Jessie Wright-Jackson, Paul Wingert, Perry Lubin, and Gabe Castellanos. LASSO is a structure in which the individual and collaborative creative pursuits of six friends reside.  LASSO is loose, that’s how they like it.  They draw, paint, take photos, screenprint, make animations and movies, play music, write poems, and do everything in between. The common threads that run through all of these activities are: 1. the employment of a playful, exploritory approach to art making, and 2. the emphasis on humor as a means of communication. 

60 watt kid( former member of Dance Disaster Movement) Delivers experimental applications of inertwining finger picking,sci fi soundscaping, and dramatic presentations. Exploritory songwriting in a sea of psychedelic hypnotic beauty.  

Core of the CoalMan is a brief, nude flight through morphine drenched Bougainvillea just outside of your mind’s embassy to Habit. Scratched and feeling fine. Its the sound of a bow on a viola string, dawgg. Its feedback. positive feedback. Sounds You Might Eat.

Chinatown Bakeries.

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